Chancel Choir Handbook

 WELCOME to the choir! This is a fun-loving, but very hard working group of musicians - and we're very glad to have you with us! Our "membership requirements" are quite simple - a love of singing and choral music and attendance at rehearsals, services and concerts. Before the "attendance . . ." scares you off, we just ask that you make an extra effort to be here whenever possible. Things come up and jobs do get in the way, but if you are here at the other times possible, you've met the "requirement." Again, WELCOME and HAPPY SINGING!!! 
ROBES AND FOLDERS . . . are assigned with corresponding numbers. Hymnals are in the rack with the folder and the number is on the inside cover. Please be sure that you have your folder, robe and hymnal. 
MUSIC . . . for rehearsals and services will be found on the west wall shelves and is arranged according to the order to be rehearsed or sung in the service. Music for concerts or an extended choral work to be rehearsed is placed in your choir box with your choir member number on the top right corner. Please take your music from your folder following the service and place it on the shelf under the folder racks. Music from concerts will be placed in a box near the choir room door. 
SEATING . . . is generally with the taller people in the back and shorter in the front. Seating for rehearsal is informal, but we do ask that you sit in (or near!) your "regular" Sunday morning 'perch' for rehearsals, too. The numbers on the seat in the choir room correspond to the numbers in the choir loft. You will be assigned a number during warm-up on Sunday morning and we align in the reverse of those numbers (it really does work out - usually!) in the rear of the sanctuary. (We'll explain this one - we often feel that we are still confused, too!) 
REHEARSALS . . . begin PROMPTLY at 7:30 on Wednesday evenings (warm-up begins a couple of minutes prior) and end at 9:15. Your cooperation in being ready to sing (seated, music in hand) at 7:30 is most appreciated and helps assure our 9:15 "quitting time."  
THE SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE . . . begins at 11:00 and the choir meets at 10:30 for a most important warm-up!!! Again - your promptness is most appreciated!!! Please be robed with your folder and service music and ready to sing at this time. Line-up, warm-up and any last minute rehearsal, musical or logistic changes and instructions must be accomplished in these very busy and necessary 20 minutes. 
SPECIAL REHEARSALS . . . are rare (no, really!) and are usually held prior to our regular Wednesday evening rehearsal. These rehearsals usually include sectionals on a major work or concert in preparation. REHEARSAL TAPES of major works are often made available for rehearsal at home or in the car. The tremendous amount of service music, as well as "extras" for concerts or special services require that you learn notes and rhythms as well as possible at home. This leaves us more time for real music making in rehearsals. 
DESSERT . . . is a most important part of rehearsal each week. Choir members sign a list several weeks prior and bring cookies or cake for our "post-rehearsal get over it time!" You're invited(!?!) to participate in the joy of bringing dessert anytime you wish! 
THERE ARE NO CHOIR DUES, but . . . we do have a choir fund which provides flowers, cards, and memorials sent from the choir. 
 A FEW "EXTRAS" . . . 
  • PAY ATTENTION! Watch for standing, sitting cues as well as musical cues. These "techniques" are a very important part of our overall effectiveness. Also, for services and concerts, we stand with our folder open, and for hymns, the hymnal is open and placed in the open folder. Please think of the people behind you in the choir loft (as well as our appearance from the sanctuary), by not holding your folder unusually high. 
  • BE QUIET! Unnecessary talking is distracting to other choir members and is quite noticeable from the sanctuary. 
  • DON'T SMELL! No, really, some choir members are allergic to colognes and perfumes.  Please refrain from them on Wednesday evenings and Sundays.
  • BE HERE! Again, your attendance at rehearsals and services IS the choir. We need  YOU to do your part to achieve and maintain the quality for which we work so very hard.  Please call if you are going to be late for a rehearsal or service or cannot attend. An attendance list is passed at each rehearsal and contains sign-up sheets for the next several Sundays or concert. Your cooperation in signing up and then SHOWING UP is the most important element in our success as a chorus! 
  • WHEN YOU GOTTA GO . . . There are times when people must leave early from the service, and we certainly understand. BUT, PLEASE let us know prior to the service that you intend to leave so that you may be seated closer to the exit and that there is not a “surprise mass exodus” by the choir following the anthem. 
FINALLY . . . (you thought we'd never get here, didn't you!) 
  • NEW MEMBERS are assigned robes and folders on Tuesday evening following rehearsal or on Sunday morning at 10:15. See Chris. 
  • ROBING ROOMS are locked during services
  • THE CHOIR ROOM DOOR is locked at 7:40 for security reasons. If you arrive late, just knock! 
  •  JEWELRY (especially "chandelier‟ earrings) should be kept to a minimum, please. 
  •  A “SEASONED” CHOIR MEMBER will be available to “walk you through our procedures” and answer any questions! Ask them ANYTHING!!! 
  • ENJOY!!! This looks like so much to know, but it's really not! We’re very glad to have you with us so - we hope you will (but KNOW you WILL!) ENJOY making music with us!! 
Lindenwood Music Office: 458-1652 
Choir members “hotline” (to report absences): 458-1652 x 137 
Chris Nemec: 458-1652, press 1;
Stan Head: 458-1652, press 2;
To leave a message in the general mailbox, press 3 and wait for a tone